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Complete Guide on setting up Free cccam Cline server for dish channels

Basically, C-Line is a method of sharing codes to different users with the help Internet for enabling the users to watch the paid channels (often marked by $, £ or €) on their DVB receivers.

This method will enable you to watch your favorite channels for free with out the need of dish TV or other paid DTH services.

The following is the complete process of setting up a C-Line in your receiver.

1- You need to have a USB port enabled DVB receiver. i,e; Neosat 6000 Boom or any other.

2- Connect the WiFi adapter (also known as catcher) to the USB port.

3- Open your DVB Menu=>Network=>Choose WiFi as source of Internet.

4- Turn on your Hotspot device ( If not having) then turn on Hotspot service from an android phone.

5- Now setup WiFi connection in the receiver by putting Hotspot password (If any).

6- Go to the server option in the receiver and put the details of a server or Cline.

7-  Some working server websites are given below from which you can get both free C-Lines ( Test Lines for short duration) and paid C-Lines (Official C-Lines for long duration) after creating a free of cost account in these sites.


8- Generate a free C-Line in any of above sites and then make it online from there.

9- Now put the details of the generated C-Line in the server option of the receiver. i,e; Domain, Port, Username, Password, etc.

10- Now turn "on" the "connect" option and then press blue button in the remote to link the Line.

11- After the linking process a "Link On" option will appear at the bottom and now you're done. The paid channels will now be working for free.

Important Note:
Please do let me know if you're having problems in setting up the process in the comment section. I"ll be glad to solve your problems in the above explained process.

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