Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Root an Android phone without PC

The world of smartphones has grown so rapidly that everybody now uses them. In the same way, a few in many users have better understanding of different features provided by them.

In this tutorial,  I'm going to teach you rooting any android device through the simplest way for free. This rooting method will not require use of PC making it easier for those not affording a PC. Before we  start the tutorial we need to know a bit about rooting benefits.

What is meant by Android Root Feature? 

When an Android device is rooted it expands its power of performing bigger tasks than those of unrooted devices. Especially,  A rooted device possesses the ability of SuperUser permission from Android operating system.

This permission will allow the device to perform tasks like uninstalling system apps, controlling CPU performance, recording screen on lower versions of Android phone and many more exciting features.

The rooting may also allow the device to perform functions that are only possible in computers and laptops. These features may include complete backup, automation, boosting speed, etc.

How to Root Android device? 

Here, I am discussing rooting Android phone using Kingo App.

1- Download the kingo app from their official website. 

2- Install the app in Android phone.

3- Kingo App requires Internet at the time of rooting the device. So, turn on Mobile Data now.

4- Open the app then click on the "One Click Root" option appearing at the bottom of screen.

5- The Process of rooting will be complete after the colored circle (appearing on screen) becomes filled.

Video Tutorial:

This video also explains the process of rooting an Android phone. 

Final Say:
This tutorial was about rooting Android phone through an app that could do the whole work in an easy way. If you have any questions regarding the above then let me know in the comment section below. 

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15 September 2017 at 03:46

Nice guide. Thanks bro.

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